Monday, May 28, 2012

how to make a transparent image {tutorial}

As a precursor to my watermark post, I'm going to show you how to make a transparent image to use as a watermark or signature!  I'll be using GIMP, a Photoshop-like-program that allows working with transparencies and layers.

First, open a new, transparent, image {I like to adjust mine to 300 px/in}:

Then chose the "Font Tool" and select a font {I'm using Sketch Rockwell}:

Type your text and adjust size and color if desired {since I'm making a watermark, I'm choosing white}:

Add other images/doodles {I'm using the letter "I" from Pea Betsy's Doodles font, then choosing "Flip Horizontal" to change the orientation}

Adjust positioning by using the "Move Tool" {I also freehanded a dotted line using a brush I made with adjusted spacing}:

When all layers are in position, crop image to selected size:

Then, this is where the newest GIMP is a little odd, choose "Export" to save the file as a ".png", this will allow you to keep the transparent background:

Type the name for the file followed by ".png" to save the image and you're done!

I'll be back tomorrow with how to add your new watermark to your images!


  1. Such a great tutorial Jennie! I didn't know about Pea Betsy's Doodles - what a great resource.

  2. You make it sound so easy! I don't have GIMP; would it work similarly on other programs?