Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm not bored. I promise. In fact, I probably have more on my to-do list than I should. If you've ventured over here from the blog I share with my mom, Clover & Violet, you may be wondering why I'm starting a new blog...well, it's pretty simple actually. Clover & Violet is so focused on stitching, quilting, and all sorts of textile love, but I have so many more things to write about. So, instead of diversifying a perfectly good blog, I've decided just to start another one {at this point you might think I'm crazy...I probably am...}. So, instead of just rambling, here are some of the adventures you'll find here:

click. - blog and graphic design

snap. - photography of all sorts

swoosh. - my drawing and painting endeavors {okay, I don't paint yet, but I know there are watercolor pencils calling my name...}

laugh. - whatever else I feel like adding

So, join me on this new adventure.  It won't be taking the place of Clover & Violet, and it probably won't be as regular, but it just might be interesting fun!


  1. I love it already! Your daughter and her photos are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your talents.

  2. I'm glad you are doing this because one of my goals this year is to also figure out some more graphic design/blog tech stuff (I'm hopeless) and improving my photography.By the way, I LOVE your banner.

  3. Well you know I kinda suck at the photography stuff. Kinda difficult to learn to take good pictures when the only camera you have is a camera phone. I am really ok with that!

    Now the techy/blog stuff....this is where you have me! I really need to learn some stuff there. Tweaking my dorkiness is where I need some help. It seems everyone else has that little touch of cuteness that my stuff is missing. You always have that touch.

    I love anything you do and would follow you just about anywhere. Here we go!