Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Custom Blog

Here's the blog design I did for my bloggy friend Kathy.  She's been blogging for a while, and I actually found her blog through a cloth diaper chat.  It's a personal blog, so I'm not giving the link here, but she just had her second baby girl, so I thought a blog makeover would be a great gift!  She chose the pink and navy, and said she loved Damask...I took it from there!  What fun.

Design Stats:

Template: Picture Window
Fonts: Vladimir Script & Georgia
Colors: Navy (#2b3856), Light Navy (#5e5a80), & Pink (#faafba)
Graphics: Ornate Wallpaper by Insurrectionx & Layered Tag Template by Delicious Scraps

Up next, a new header for Clover & Violet!


  1. Aw, Jennie! I missed this post somehow--I think I need to mess around with my Google feed page. I really really love my blog, and I literally will write posts just so I have an excuse to go look at it! Still working on finding time for everything--Elena has been a lot more difficult than Karina was. Thank you again for doing this, it was so sweet, and so is having you call me friend. That's a great gift, too. Thank you!