Saturday, January 26, 2013

Font Fun: What Font Tool

I've been a little absent here {okay, maybe a lot! But we've been super busy at Clover & Violet}, but thought I'd drop in and share one of my favorite new tools.  It's called "What Font" and it allows you to see what font is being used on a website (as long as the font isn't on an image, of course).

All you have to do is drag the "What Font" button to your bookmark bar {similar to the "Pin It" button on Pinterest}, then when you run across a font you're curious about, just click the "What Font" and then hover over the text. Here's an example from the Clover & Violet blog:

And one more from Rhonda, Quilter in the Gap {since I recently set her blog up on Genesis, I thought I'd show it too!}:

I really love this little tool to help find some great fonts that can be used in titles, and not just on images.  Remember how I posted about Google Web Fonts? Well, here's a chance to discover some great fonts and use them in your titles!


  1. Neat tool. Thanks for sharing! This is my first time on this blog, but I follow you at C&V. Seems we have more than just similar sewing and quilting interests in common. I too, love photography. I am a graphic designer but most of my work has been in print so I am a trying to learn more on the web design side. All the code is overwhelming for this creative-minded girl. Your tutorial links were helpful. Looking forward to future posts. I'm curious if you prefer Wordpress or Blogger and why. Could be a future post.