Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Design {Little Bunny Quilts}

Remember my blog design giveaway...well, I am slow to deliver, but I finally finished Alison's blog, Little Bunny Quilts!  She wanted citrus and wine colors, I had a difficult time choosing, but with a little help, we decided on these!

I also experimented with the sidebar title images {tutorial coming soon} and the dashed line around the menu buttons {it took a ridiculous amount of effort to get those little lines, but I love them!}.

Design Stats:

Template: Blogger Simple White with some edits
Fonts: Stitch and Janda Romantic
Graphics: Bunny


  1. It is absolutely perfect and I love it! :)

  2. That is so cute, and I can't believe you had to do the dashes by hand. Amazing. I am always impressed with your work.

  3. Love the color scheme and gray dotty background! :-)

  4. It's SO pretty! I follow your other blog and I'm so glad I found this one! I am going to read every post on here, so I can give my blog an overhaul. I am in desperate need for a new header!